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This community is for writers and readers of LotR real person fiction. You can post fics of any pairing here, not just involving actors who were in the Fellowship. Crossovers are also allowed, as long as they feature at least one LotR cast member.

Welcome, and happy writing!
bernard/john, billy/david, billy/dominic, billy/elijah, billy/karl, billy/orlando, billy/sean, billy/viggo, cate/liv, cate/miranda, christopher/ian, craig/david, craig/harry, craig/hugo, craig/karl, craig/marton, craig/orlando, craig/sean, craig/viggo, david/billy, david/craig, david/harry, david/karl, david/marton, david/orlando, david/sean, david/viggo, dominic/billy, dominic/elijah, dominic/john, dominic/karl, dominic/orlando, dominic/sean, dominic/viggo, domlijah, domlilly, elijah/billy, elijah/dominic, elijah/harry, elijah/ian, elijah/karl, elijah/orlando, elijah/sean, elijah/viggo, harry/craig, harry/david, harry/elijah, harry/hugo, harry/karl, harry/orlando, harry/sean, harry/viggo, hugo/craig, hugo/harry, hugo/ian, hugo/marton, hugo/orlando, ian/christopher, ian/elijah, ian/hugo, ian/karl, ian/orlando, ian/sean, ian/viggo, john/bernard, john/dominic, john/orlando, john/sean, karl/billy, karl/craig, karl/david, karl/dominic, karl/elijah, karl/harry, karl/ian, karl/orlando, karl/sean, karl/viggo, liv/cate, liv/miranda, marton/craig, marton/david, marton/hugo, miranda/cate, miranda/liv, miranda/sarah, orlando/billy, orlando/craig, orlando/david, orlando/dominic, orlando/elijah, orlando/harry, orlando/hugo, orlando/ian, orlando/john, orlando/karl, orlando/sean, orlando/viggo, orlando/viggo/sean, orlibean, orlijah, orlilly, sarah/miranda, sean/billy, sean/craig, sean/david, sean/dominic, sean/elijah, sean/harry, sean/ian, sean/john, sean/karl, sean/orlando, sean/orlando/viggo, sean/viggo, viggo/billy, viggo/craig, viggo/david, viggo/dominic, viggo/elijah, viggo/harry, viggo/ian, viggo/karl, viggo/orlando, viggo/orlando/sean, viggo/sean, viggorli